How soon can I expect my dictated files to be returned transcribed?

Most files are completed within 4 business hours of arrival.  We  offer STAT service which takes less than 2 hours.  We guarantee 24 hour turn-around, we perform the transcription in an average of 4 hours or less as stated.  Our average turn-around time is 39 minutes

What formats of audio do you transcribe?

We work with all audio and video formats.  We have programs that will convert the format you send us to compatible formats for our transcribers.  We recommend digital files because of the clarity of the recording, and the ease of uploading to our secure servers. We can work with all analog formats. (Tape)

Should my dictation be in a digital format ?

Digital recordings are very clear and crisp recordings.  Digital files will save time and therefore save money.  Digital dictation can be stored and tracked electronically.  These can be transmitted (uploaded) instantly to the secure sites, and your reports are returned the same way.  Digital files are electronic and this works with today’s technology, better than analog recordings.

Do you charge more for a difficult recording?  How do I have control how bad or good my recordings are?

These are in your control. Are you dictating where other people are conversing, laughing, eating etc.? Are you in a room that has increased background noise like office or medical equipment? Do you speak clearly, slowly enough to enunciate each word so that we can understand and be accurate   in the transcripts?  We cannot understand you if you mumble. Are you eating or chewing gum while dictating? Are you dictating on speakerphone? Do you dictate in a normal conversational volume?  We cannot understand you if you whisper. You do have control over how clear your recordings are.
What makes you a leader in the transcription industry?

We treat you the way we would like to be treated in business.  We are professionals who understand that the care of your clients is the utmost in importance.  You don’t need a another problem when it comes to documenting the legal services you are providing.

We are strictly an American company and we only hire American citizens to do the work.  We don’t believe in outsourcing private information.

We are also fair and straightforward in our business applications.  Another benefit you might find is we also can proofread and integrate any electronic records done through voice recognition.

The most important thing that sets us apart from other companies is our accuracy rating.  We demand 99.9% accuracy from our transcriptionists

How do your prices compare to other transcription services?

We remain competitive in the marketplace. We hire and pay Americans to do the transcription, our costs for manpower is what drives our prices. We believe in keeping American jobs in America and are committed to our team of professionals, many whom have worked for us for decades.

We will customized what you pay for our services.  If you wish to pay by the line, page or the amount of time of the recording.

What level of accuracy does your company maintain?

We demand 99.9% accuracy from our transcriptionists.  We hire trained legal and medical language specialists who have many years of experience.  We pay attention to detail.

We DO NOT use offshore or overseas companies to perform any of our transcription. The language barrier that exists between the English speaking and those overseas leads to multiple errors with syntax, grammar, and accuracy.

How do I know the information I give you is confidential?

We can show you various steps that we take to keep all the information you give us confidential.  We do a background check on each staff member.  They provide current contact information and this is reviewed and updated monthly.  Each staff member has signed a confidentiality agreement and we would sign one with you

How often do you invoice?

We invoice on or around the first and fifteenth of each month.  This invoice is for work done in the prior weeks. We expect payment within a few days of your receipt of this invoice.

How much transcription can I do with your service?

We handle complete office loads or just overflow that your own staff cannot not get done.   The amount you dictate is completely up to you.Many transcription companies demand you do a certain amount of dictation per month.  We don’t.  We are there for your needs.

Do real people transcribe my audio?

Absolutely.  Well-trained, specialists will transcribe your dictation.  One of the services we perform is to help integrate electronic records into the office.