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Lawyers, physicians, consultants, business, and academics. Transcription and typing of all audio and video formats.

Our company offers a full array of cost-effective legal and medical transcription and audio dictation services, complete  customer satisfaction, extreme accuracy, fast turnaround, competitive prices and secure confidentiality.

Our service is for law firms, insurance companies, medical practices, hospitals or anyone who needs a transcription service, outside or during regular business hours.

Use us as a 24/7 personal secretarial service, your staff does not have to be around for after-hours meetings, weekend memos or emergency call-ins.

Dictate, when you want, voice files will be completely transcribed usually in less than 6 hours. We provide Stat turn-around time!

Save on overhead, associated costs, receive the completed work, efficiently and economically. Work done in the USA, not offshore.

Our transcription service uses any audio and/or digital dictation format, 800# phone dial in service or voice file uploads.

We provide conversion of sound data into an electronic format for electronic storage and retrieval. Whether you require the translation of a summons and complaint or the transcription of an evidentiary tape, cd, video or dvd we provide the professional transcription solution.

Our specialist teams of typists are skilled in all types of legal and medical work, with over 20 years of experience.

Affidavits, interviews and court hearings are welcome . Emergency ASAP services are available.

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